April 24, 2013

Fight or Flight Mornings.


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I have been meditating for a few years now, pretty consistently, in the morning and at night. I also exercise and have begun practicing yoga. Despite all of this, I still find myself waking in the morning feeling a "flight or fight" response for no identifiable reason. I try to meditate myself out of it, and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. How do I predictably stay in that place of peace and calm?


That state of anxiety upon walking has to do interrupting a emotional release that is occurring during sleep. Ideally you would continue to sleep or go back to sleep to complete the release process. But if you are too awake to go back to sleep or you have to wake up anyway, then instead of meditating right away, I instead would recommend you get up and take a long shower followed by some yoga or exercise. Do both of these things with the intention of clearing away the residual agitation that you were in the middle of when you woke up. Then you should be able to meditate with a clean slate and have a more peaceful and calm experience.


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  1. Chris Moss

    Another great way of processing emotional chaos from the dream (waking or sleeping dreams) is to grab a cup of tea and a yellow legal pad and do 3 pages automatic writing. I learned the technique from Julia Cameron, the author of "The Artist`s Way." She describes it basically as Draino for consciousness. You simply let whatever comes pour onto the page. "I`ve got to do the laundry... this is taking too much time, my elbow really hurts...is this doing anything?" etc. You don`t need to reread the pages. I don`t even keep them. It`s just a place to dump and process. Don`t worry- it probably won`t make any sense except for occasional moments of great clarity- much like dreams. I find it to be a way to actually continue the dream state- while completely awake. Allowing the conscious mind to simply witness the dream as it`s occurring. Very healing, and at the end- whatever was bothering me has almost always been completely digested and I feel much better. Lot`s of love, Chris

  2. namaste

    i like the idea of a long warm shower. to help feel grounded and relaxed again. i used to have the fight-flight response when i fell asleep in the middle of yoga class in savasana... it was a horrible feeling. i can certainly empathize. fortunately i`ve been gifted w always waking up in a great mood and relaxed. but since i lost my father i still have a lot of panic attacks. So, to those who don`t understand the feeling and comment ignorantly to get over it lack compassion toward those who are more emotional. It`s okay to feel. reading affirmations daily helps me too. Leave it to Dr. Chopra bc he knows best mr james bono..

  3. Mind man

    Wanting to stay predictably in that state of peace and calm is unmindful (the mind is actively wanting to be somewhere else except the present, watch it), accept what is and feel your present experience fully.

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