June 27, 2012

Fearful Boss.


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I have noticed that my boss is constantly looking for problems, disasters and catastrophes, and actually they do seem to happen quite often. I wonder if there is any way to handle that. As staff we are all under too much pressure on a daily basis, because of this constant attraction of negative energy that he seems to transmit. Would you have any advice on how to handle this situation as it can't seem to stop. Many Thanks, Love!


You can’t stop your boss from his habit of fretting about the next disaster, but you can learn to master your reaction to him. Just because he is always freaking out about something he is afraid will happen, that doesn’t mean you or your co-workers need to feed that energy. When he goes into one of his episodes, listen dispassionately so that you can separate factual concerns from baseless fears. Respond to what can be known and what can be done at this time. Assure him that when you have knowledge that things have changed, then you can adjust your actions accordingly, but that you can’t effectively do your job if you are crippled with fear about all the possible things that might go wrong. Your task is to perform your job without getting wrapped up in his drama. Tell him that it is in the business’s interest as well as in the interest of your own wellbeing that you stick to what you actually know and act on that.


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  1. Melissa Gobrecht

    Thank you Deepak Chopra for your clarity!

  2. Chris Beauchamp

    Deepak makes some good points, and I would add a couple other thoughts to the conversation. When the things that your boss focuses on, actually happen, why is that? What contribution does he have to the creation of those problems? What are the other factors that contribute to the creation of these problems? And where can you and your co-workers support a change in direction? What are the missing conversations? As an ontological coach, I have observed a lack of cohesion within people which includes specific types of conversations. These conversations delivered from the right body and emotional space (cohesive self) supports the intention of the conversation, and more often produce the results you would like. This same cohesion I speak of, can create conversations that respect your boss` position while at the same time opening him/her up to other perspectives. This may take time, but if it is your sense that you would like to stay in this job, than it may be worth the effort. To Deepak`s point about listening dispassionately, this is also something that requires practice, as many times we aren`t fully prepared for the breakdown. When separating "factual concerns from baseless fears", one thing that Deepak didn`t go into detail on here, is looking at how we determine if a concern is factual. Is your boss` concern because of events that have happened or things that just are (and can be proven by many), or is there a meaning that your boss is attaching to the situation that makes it a concern? The latter suggests mere perspective, in which case if enough of you see another perspective, then there could be new conversations to have with your boss. Or it can support you in mastering your reaction, as Deepak suggests, because you see your boss` concerns are not well-grounded. Hope this is of service. In exploration, Chris Beauchamp

  3. bluesage2009

    The Bible says, "Through patience possess ye your soul." Learning to control your emotions is so important for spiritual growth and development, especially when people do things to upset you. Just use your awareness to govern your reaction and try to rise above everything. It takes a lot of practice, but after a few years, of practicing patience and forgivness, you will see that your consciousness is higher than others. This is how hypnotists are able to control others. Soon you will become a kind of hypnotist and your infulence over other people will become much greater.

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