December 25, 2020
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Fear of the Divine.


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Dear Dr. Chopra, In the past I was very much into meditation and I know what a difference it can make in one’s life. During one meditation I had a very profound experience where I felt a communion/communication with the Divine and a feeling of utter bliss. I will never forget it. But over the last year I have had difficulty entering a meditative state. Partly because I have a very exhaustive schedule now and I wind up falling asleep, but also because it seems I am almost afraid of having another profound experience. I don’t understand this because it was such a wonderful and life-affirming experience. I want very much to have regular meditation as a part of my life, but I feel blocked by this fear even though I know it is irrational and unnecessary. What could be the reason for this and how can I move past it?


From the limited information in your letter I can’t be sure of what is behind your fear of having another profound experience of the Divine in meditation, but given what you said how much you value that connection and then what you said about your busy schedule, I can’t help but wonder if you feel that having such a deep spiritual communion with the Divine somehow obligates you to change your life to respect and accommodate it. And given that your work schedule is so pressing now, perhaps you feel you couldn’t make any life changes anyway, so you are subconsciously afraid of meditation so you can avoid such a dilemma or decision altogether. If something like that is the case, reassure yourself that all such spiritual experiences come with no strings attached. Nothing is expected of you. All such judgments are products of your ego mind and have nothing to do with your real spiritual progress.



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