March 1, 2018

Fear in Meditation.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Hello Deepak, I really appreciate your teachings as they resonate with me and have helped me through the years as a compass. I would like to ask you about meditation: when I arrive to a state of “almost” no thought, I feel fear of death and don’t dare to explore the vastness of nothingness, where I feel I could merge with everything and nothing. I feel terror. Thank you.


What your mind is afraid of is that when it loses thought, that you will no longer exist. But that of course isn’t true. The mind is not a thing that exists independently of thought. The mind is only mental activity, it is thought and feeling. Every time a thought ends, the mind ends. Every time a feeling ends the mind ends. Every night when we go to sleep, before we dream, our mind ends as well. We don’t die when the mind goes silent, we know yourself.

Think of the mind like waves on a lake. When the lake is still the waves are gone, but nothing is truly gone or dead, it is just a state of silence or being before activity begins again.  When we meditate the thoughts settle down like waves on a lake and we know ourselves as that pure Being, or presence of awareness. Then thoughts resume and we begin the process of settling down again. There is nothing to fear here, because it is all just active or silent modes of the same self.



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  1. Denita McDade

    WOW! Your lake analogy was amazing..Thank you for that,

  2. Denita McDade

    WOW! Your lake analogy was amazing..Thank you for that,

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