December 18, 2017

Family Constellations.


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I was wondering if you know of Bert Hellinger’s work on Family Constellations and Movements of the Soul and whether you have explored each other’s work or think of doing so. The reason I am asking is that there are many points in common, loads, but are presented in different ways (after all you both are being informed by different traditions, yet are touching on the same thing and I feel arriving to similar conclusions in regards to what is essential.) Both of you talk of the ‘gap’ (which Hellinger calls ‘the void’) etc., as a source of enlightenment etc. (may be in slightly different ways?) At the start of your book on the Seven Laws of Success, you quote from the Upanishads that we are what our deep driving desire is. I read this like somehow we are desires of something greater. Thoughts, desires, of an intelligent universe (the non-manifest made manifest like you say.) Bert Hellinger, from his experiences in his work on family constellations (presented in books like Loves Hidden Symmetry or more recently No Waves Without the Ocean), observes that the family system (going generations back) strives for everyone to be included so that those members who have been excluded are represented by someone in coming generations (this is what he refers to as ‘entanglements’.) I am thinking that may be this can be put as that those people who are entangled (blindly working for the inclusion of someone who was previously excluded) are ‘desires’ from the family system (expressing the ‘desire’ that everyone equally belongs), and that, when we free ourselves (or are ‘freed’) from that entanglement, then we are again a deep desire of something even greater, the greater whole. Anyway, I was just wondering if you are aware of his work and what do you think from your own approach.



I haven’t done a full investigation of Hellinger’s work, but I am familiar with it and hold it in high regard. Helping people heal by looking at the context of their family as a single psychic entity is an invaluable tool. I believe your point about connecting one’s deep driving desire to the family constellation’s drive toward wholeness makes sense in a general way. In both cases the force of evolution impels individual and family consciousness toward healing and completion. This cosmic force is universe desiring its enlightenment through human consciousness. Thanks for the book recommendations.




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