November 5, 2020
Ask Deepak

Expressing Irritability.


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Dear Dr. Chopra, normally I am a calm, peace-loving girl who loves to contemplate over spiritual matters and the like. However, as of late I’ve been feeling more and more irritable, even with those whom I care about. I don’t want to end up becoming like the archetypal “Mr. Scrooge” in today’s world, since I know I am very much capable of loving and caring for others (not to mention I’m afraid of loneliness); but it seems that my desperate attempts to calm myself down are in vain. What should I do?


There could be many reasons why you are going through an irritable phase. Perhaps there is a troublesome aspect of life that you expected would get better or go away and it hasn’t, and the frustration is erupting as irritation in other areas of your life. Be that as it may, what is revealing is that you have such a hard time fitting this irritable behavior into your self-image as a peaceful and spiritual girl. I noticed that you have the word “angel” in your email name, all of which suggests to me that you have a lot of your sense of wellbeing invested in the ideal of being a sweet, light and loving person. That is fine and no doubt true, but our true selves are much bigger and complete. Within the vast wholeness of our spiritual nature we contain light as well as some shadow We are joyful and peaceful as well as sometimes expressing anger or irritation. Accepting our shadow side as a small  part of our larger self is liberating because it frees us from the struggle of judging and denying that shadow side (which only makes it stronger anyway.)  So look into the practical reasons why you might be irritable and see what you can do to fix them, but also use this irritability as a spiritual opportunity to drop your self-judgment that you are not the kind of person who should even express irritability.



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