February 19, 2012

Experience Potential.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

We are neither the subject nor object of experience but the potential for both.

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  1. Andreas Mavrostomos

    onother good one....i let you know when the bad one comes...

  2. heartphone

    @alice. If it comforts you, there are many many people (like me) who every day when they start their meditation remember and pray for all the people suffering in the world. May their suffering be relieved and may peace be their constant companion. Sanctify the day, live by the day, and when the day has gone, be grateful for another possibility to live your pure potential. Only thing we have is a day, we are dying each night to awaken to a new day. Every one who is aware of this prays for people to have a good day........

  3. Brooke N

    Alice nothing can take away the pain of losing someone they love. The heart is broken and only a very long time of healing and dealing can help. The support of friends and family and those that love is all anyone can do. My deepest sympathies go out to your friends and you as you are hurting so much too. I send much love and healing your way.

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