May 17, 2014

Expanding Consciousness.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Hi Deepak,
thanks for all. It has been a year since my first spiritual awakening, as you know it became in an unstoppable and beautiful journey, peeling away the layers of conditioning one day at the time, not even knowing it at first. An strong identification with an important part of my life situation at that time lead me to a state of sustained suffering late last year. Depression appeared when that part of my life situation unexpectedly shifted. From that experience, feelings and emotions that I wasn't even able to imagine before arose with a sense and perception of self that was deeply profound and beauty divine. Since then my state of consciousness has progressively expanded, even experience knowing and feeling the whole universe in me and others sometimes. But that feeling and identification with my true self does not always stay; I also experience the dense sense of sustained suffering some days, feeling my life lapsing in ups and downs. I want to live in equilibrium, balance with my intention and experience of life, but I still feel that there is always latent this suffering and depression, and it happens. I intend to synchronize me with my nature and be guided by the love within me which is I. How I can reduce this latent suffering which is activated randomly and reduce the drops and continue with synchronicity in my life easily?


Once you enter this stage of your spiritual growth, where the episodes of awakening begin to peel away the layers of false self, then you know that your spiritual growth is firmly in the hands of Mother Nature. From this point forward there is a tacit agreement that you are committed to self-realization and the emotional and physical ups and downs that come along with the healing and awakening process. You have to hold on to your higher self and go with the ride until self-realization is permanent. After a big awakening, is natural for the true self to come and go with challenging intervals where the old self is adjusting to a new role. Nature intelligently and flawlessly guiding your entire journey. Trust your Self and be patient and loving with your process.
To smoothen out the low periods, it is important to keep the body strong, pure and healthy with regular exercise, sleep, fresh food lots of water. Don’t become too isolated even if you don’t feel like socializing because you don’t think you can’t relate to others. Casual conversation and socializing helps to keep your energy from becoming too constricted and introverted, and that will ease your emotional state. If feelings get too intense and uncomfortable, you can ease up off your spiritual practice, and that will calm things down a bit until you feel ready to resume the process.


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  1. Manju

    You are amazing inder ji, I can see that you are an extra ordinary teacher well you explain things to me...all my best wishes are there with you ..I am on facebook as manju menon, chennai. will send you a friend request ....I can ask questions through facebook only as private messages and please reply also in private messages...else if you post it everyone can read that...but don`t worry I wil not keep troubling you by asking questions all the time...I have chatted with people of iskcon before and tried getting the answers.though they are in bhakthi marga, their concept about krishna was not convincing me....your answers are too good and I can relate very well...thank you so much for your answers...

  2. inder kumar

    "can u please tell me the name of the facebook group where I can connect with sadhaks on bhakthi marga" bhakti marg can be tricky without proper guidance as you yourself indicated `how to know the difference between hallucination and real vision` compared to that jnana is not tricky at all because jnani don`t care about miracles , visions, siddhis, personal gods at all. all they care about is silencing the mind and thus growing in peace, compassion, equanimity, love, freedom from worries... and eventually becoming enlightened when they know their true nature. and all this can be achieved through bhakti also. so, for that reason i like `teachings of ramana mahrishi` on facebook . in that group there are lots of devotional people too. many of them are devotees of krishna too apparently but in the group they direct their devotion to ramana (i on the other hand never feel devotion towards ramana but feel grateful to be receiving his teachings. i never feel devotion towards any god - krishna or any other god but i love them very much for showing us path of love , wisdom).i was born with the temperament of scientist and was not a loving person growing up. that way you people are lucky - like a friend of mine in bangalore. she loves everyone and everyone loves her. love is always oozing out of her eyes where as i am a dry person who started growing in love only recently. her devotion is to nanak. any sensible group on bhakti marg devoted to krishna , i am unaware of.

  3. inder kumar

    " I love the krishna who act very humanly , be a friend to Arjuna, panchali,,,advising and supporting the dharma,,,the super human nature doesn`t convince me much.." that is tricky. i believe that miracles are possible after enlightenment but how much of all that shown is exaggeration and how much real i don`t know. because it would take time to investigate this miracle aspect , so i spent time to understand and grow only that part which you also like in Krishna, vashishtha muni , jesus et al - wisdom, equanimity, love , intuition freedom from worry/anxiety, peace . that is my focus. that and my chosen career in teaching maths/physics. i never much cared about miracle part. for me it was : "so what if i can lift mountains or not . if that happens to me on its own , fine . but where i am going to direct my focus is growing in wisdom, equanimity, love , intuition freedom from worry/anxiety . if i don`t have abundance of these but i can lift mountains , walk on water , fly in air , what good is that" . well , short answer is again , i believe some miracles are possible but how much i don`t know. when i become enlightened then i would know :)

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