January 5, 2012



When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

Evolution carries humanity forward one person at a time. I can become the change I want to see.

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  1. heartphone

    For the first time in our evolution there is a generation who has set the `trend` of where it is taking us. This is the baby boom generation who has now arrived at the threshold of spiritual awakening "en masse". A large part of them has been working on an integration of every belief system in the world and the Internet has given them the opportunity to make all this happening more quickly. On Youtube you can see it all back in the music videos of the past fifty years. Science Fiction and the resulting scientific results can also be seen in a timeline of the past fifty years. This generation and the next will make it possible for us to travel the Universe as we will have arrived at the Heart station which will enable us to respect any one we encounter in their self worthiness..............

  2. Soni Shalini

    The human race moves on through the process of evolution. The biggest evolution is the Darvian Theory & the evolution of human being from ages. But when we talk of evolution, we are not just talking about biological evolution but also about the evolution at various levels which keep happening from generation to generation. We have witnessed various examples of technological asvancement which in turn causes evolution at different levels. social structure, economic advancement & human lifestyle etc. This is the continious process & happens from generation to generation. Though human race has evolved ever since but the process of evelution has hastened temendously in the last 100 years due to massive technologhical advancement. what we are wittenessing was not witnessed before, past 100 years. But we are in the brink of the collapse of the human values which in turn threatenes to destroy the entire human race. In order to ensure that the human race is preserved, we need to evolve at the level of consciousness as well. This is the dire need to this level of evolution. We need to take a quantum leap from-" The survival of the fittest to the survival of the wisest."

  3. Kriste B

    Thanks for the reminder and great mantra. A suggestion for those still operating from outdated dogma of genetic predisposition and evolutionary theories, update your knowledge starting with the book "Biology of Belief". Once upon a time educated humans believed with all their being the world was flat, and in the future we will look back and say "isn`t it interesting we once thought we were victims of our genes"- hopefully sooner than later, part of the conscious choice to evolve.

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