June 15, 2014

Evil Consciousness.


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Sir, You say that consciousness has created maximum diversity that we see. Why has consciousness created food chain, where one living being is the prey of another being? Doesn't it hint that consciousness is evil or inclined towards evil?


It is the nature of consciousness to know itself. It is that self-interacting dynamic of awareness that creates the sense of duality and multiplicity where there is still ultimately one unified reality of consciousness. The concept of evil is a belief based on the assumed ignorance of an existential duality of good and bad, right and wrong, us and them. When we know our essential consciousness as the same consciousness at the heart of reality, then we don’t see Nature in terms of evil, but as the harmonious functioning of wholeness.


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  1. Amelia Africa

    Is Evil Consciousness not just the extreme opposite of Unity Consciousness? Is such a low level of consciousness not equally as powerful in creation?

  2. Barbara McCormack

    Hello Deepak, If we are able to embrace your knowledge and teaching about the Universe in regard to Evil consciousness, how would the people in the world respond to ISIS? How would the world have responded to Hitler? Thank you, Barbara McCormack

  3. Arobin

    Does does consciousness even differentiate? Makes a food chain irrelevant.

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