November 24, 2013

Evening Snacking.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


My eating problem is snacking at night. Throughout the day, I’m pretty good at eating healthy food in moderation, but later in the evening, usually when watching TV, I find myself snacking on one thing or another, even though I’m not really hungry, and I don’t know how to stop.


The key is dealing with this is to become aware of what it is you are actually craving, since it isn’t food. Usually it is an emotional need of some kind—you may be feeling anxious, lonely, insecure, frustrated, or sad, and you are unconsciously trying to alleviate this feeling with snacks. First become aware of what it is you are actually feeling and desiring and do something to address that directly, instead of using food. In my book What Are You Hungry For? I go into greater detail on how to become more self-conscious of these feelings so that you can overcome these unconscious eating habits without struggle and feeling deprived.


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  1. Mikersgirl

    I struggle with Wilkes-Ekbom or Restless Leg Syndrome and my evenings are difficult. I think eating takes my mind off of my legs going crazy. I take Ropinerole prior to bedtime but the hours before bedtime are very difficult. Do you have advice for me?

  2. Prim

    But that`s not an all-encompassing answer. There are times when I feel comfortable, happy, fulfilled AND in that moment I`m still craving chips and dip/ice cream/nachos/etc. Not because I`m hungry, or that TV is making me a bored zombie, or that I feel an emotional pull, but simply because I enjoy the flavor or textures involved in those snacking foods. I`m not blind to the detrimental effects on my health, and in fact would prefer to avoid the health issues. Also, I`ve done years of therapy to understand what my triggers are. This isn`t it. So where does one go from this point? How to break a connection that is based on pure enjoyment?

  3. Gita A. Salo

    The answer is easy. its in the bloodsuger each time u eat. If you eat 40% protein + 35% fatt + 35% carbs (more or less) of what you eat each time you dont feel craving. As soon as you think about eating, it means your bloodsuger is getting down or it is. and how shall u eat, hmm that is also easy!! I lost over 22 kg when i undrestood it. But you still need to undrestand why you want to stop craving. :-D

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