August 16, 2022
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Eroding Respect.


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Dear Deepak, Me and my husband have been married for 7 years. It’s still young but I feel there is no more respect between us. It is mostly my fault, I started the way of speaking to him and he started to follow my lead. But how do I fix this I still love him but I can see we are drifting apart. Please can you help me? Please, I know they say without respect the marriage is over but I really want to fix it.


You need to sit with your husband and tell him what you said in this letter. Take responsibility for starting the disrespectful tone in your conversation. Explain that this doesn’t reflect your real feelings toward him and that you want to change this habit now. Say that with his help you know that you two can reverse this trend in your marriage. Begin by telling him three things that you respect and admire about him and tell him in a voice that conveys that love. Invite him to offer three things that he respects about you as well. Resolve from that point forward to treat each other with that love and respect even in the midst of differences that come up in your marriage.



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