October 10, 2022
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What happens to an enlightened person after death? Do they remain in undifferentiated oneness forever and never become an individual again? I’m afraid of oneness, it sounds like nothing as opposed to everything and I don’t understand. It’s the basis for our whole journey, please help me understand.


Enlightenment is a state of liberation, self-awareness and freedom. That means all choices remain open to you. There is no question or possibility of not existing, because you are that existence itself. And you can never lose anything that is real. Your core sense of individuality or I AM awareness is your real self. The every-changing sense of ego self that was identified with the physical body and thoughts and feelings is recognized as the temporary expressions of your true self, but not your essential nature.

As for the option of becoming an embodied individual again after death, an enlightened person is free to pursue any experience. There is a long tradition in the ancient wisdom tradition of enlightened beings returning to Earth to help guide others along the path to awakening.

Remember, enlightenment is a state of complete bliss and fulfillment, so whatever the enlightened person does, it is from a state of joy, never fear or loss.



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