April 7, 2020
Ask Deepak

Emotional Separation from Mother.


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I have a very difficult relationship w/ my mother and uncle. I love them even w/ all the problems that they may have. I accept their problems, their depression. They have very difficult time building relationships, accepting the “other” as is. So, long story short , they cut me out of their lives. They prefer a life alone and away of the joy of their grandkids and building a future together. I stopped fighting back( and it hurts me that the only family that I ( and they )have cut us out). I send them my prayers and love. I am still concerned about them and their health. How should we deal w/ people that makes us suffer, when we still have so much to love and create?


You can continue to love them, but if they don’t want to spend time with you, then love them from afar. Let them know that you are always ready to welcome them back in your life if they should change their mind, but don’t feel like a victim and think that this means you can’t have a full life of love through your children, your spouse, his family, and your friends. There are many people around you who will appreciate the love and kindness you have to offer, don’t let your mother and uncle’s decision to be isolated lead you to think that you have limited options to express your feelings.



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