March 28, 2015

Ego Transformation.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


 Is it better to try to rid yourself of ego, or to work on transforming ego into just another part of our being?


Trying to get rid of your ego doesn’t work, because the only part of you that can try to do something is your ego, and anything it tries to do only exercises and strengthens itself.  As consciousness become self-aware, or wakes up, it knows its true self as unchanging. It loses the sense of   separation, and fear. That feeling of separation is the seed of the ego, and as that dissipates through self-realization, the ego is automatically transformed. 



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  1. Helga Norland

    Helga here, Just an update – my cousin explained to me how the Mercedes AMG range has a better level of ride comfort so after some serious consideration I have changed the picture on my wall to one of these (a diesel model – good mpg!) with optional Sat Nav. This replaces the BMW. Just for accuracy, in case anyone has any advice re: my original question. Thanks x

  2. Sai Baba

    Who is this Macinehead-idiot? Go away, FOOL!

  3. Helga Norland

    I should add to what I said before: I REALLY want this BMW. I don't think I could want it more, so that can't be the cause of my spiritual failure! Maybe I'm being impatient? Maybe I should start with smaller things, like a camera, or a stapler. I do need both of these things, but I don't want them as much as the BMW, so it probably won't work with those items. It's really upsetting me – there's this huge hole in my life and I won't be happy until it's filled! Appreciate any help and advice from all of you fellow seekers out there. Peace and love, Helga x

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