May 26, 2023
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Ego Mistake.


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Is the ego a mistake? A lot of spiritual teachings make it seem that the ego is a mis-identification with things, the world, and every other external quality of life, perpetuating separation and division. The ego is often coupled with the idea of control, and spirit with surrender, however in our attempt to be more mindful, we strive to choose in every moment the most conscious choice, in other words, instead of being at the whims of conditioning, we seek to consciously control our destiny through creativity. Is this the actual purpose of the ego? Instead of being a mistaken identity, it’s divine design was to allow us to be able to be mindful and make conscious choices? Is the ego instead the process, or ability to be mindful and creative?



I think you may be mixing together a few different spiritual concepts. There is a Sanskrit phrase for explaining how imbalance and a sense of separation begins in unitary awareness. It is called pragya paradha or the mistake of the intellect. When the intellect only perceives the world as disconnected and separate from its true self, then it is making a mistake, because the deeper truth is that the knower and the known are both expressions of one underlying consciousness. Enlightenment is when the intellect can perceive the object of attention with its distinctions, but also know the unity of the object with inner awareness. Reestablishing that wholeness corrects the mistake of the intellect. This teaching is not really about ego control and conscious choice-making.



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