March 20, 2015

Ego and Spirit.


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I was just wondering, when we are hurt emotionally by something, a situation, a person or an event, is this automatically connected with ego and/or spirit? For example our pride is obviously ego. But is emotional hurt not in some way linked with spirit ? I find it hard to separate ego from spirit for example when I feel that someone has done wrong to me. If you could share some insight on this I would be grateful.

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Our deepest level of emotions is connected to our spiritual essence as love, but when we are emotionally hurt or offended by someone, that is the part of our emotional nature more associated with our ego. Our true self is never hurt or offended, it knows its own value and can never feel diminished by the words, beliefs or actions of another person toward it. The more are emotional self is allied to our true self, the more we are able to respond to hurtful behavior with love, compassion, and understanding.



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  1. Machinehead

    To Vivian Amis Please stop talking psychobabble. Everything you say is meaningless. Just like Deepak Chopra. You talk in empty cliches – happy-clappy non-sense that helps nobody. It might make you happy and make gullible people think that you are some kind of advanced-spiritual being, but you are not. And you're obviously trying to turn your nonsense into a profitable enterprise, again like Deepak Chopra – by directing people to your website. It's embarrassing – although not as embarrassing as Deepak trying to convince everyone that he is a scientist.

  2. Vivian Amis

    Ego is the belief in separation...Spirit is One. On my journey, it helped me to see a difference between emotions and feelings. Emotions are reactions to outer circumstances and thoughts. Feelings are divine. There are only three feelings that are divine: Love, Peace and Joy. They are called "divine" because even though you seek these feelings in relationships, material things and purpose, these feelings come from within and appear without a cause or reason. Feelings are aspects of the real "Self". From my book : I am - The key to manifesting

  3. Angela Kay Bohannon

    When I experienced some suffering I also experienced a profound bliss that was underneath my emotional distress

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