March 2, 2018

Donor’s Detachment.


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My question is: Suppose it is a rich donor’s intention to build a non-commercial recreation center for the masses in a village in a third-world country. The intention is realized and the center becomes functional for what it was intended. However, after some years some people begin to advocate using the center for what it was not originally intended even though the original need continues. Will the donor be violating the law of detachment if he returns to fight for retaining the center mainly for its original purpose? In order wards should the donor remain detached from the impending fate of the center which is the result of his intention. (The question implies that the donor became detached from the center after it was completed and wanted to avoid contravening the law of detachment).


Detachment is the knowledge of the self that it is not limited or defined by any action or thought of the mind or body. That awareness is like the space is a room that accepts any activity in the room without being affected by it. The action could be dancing, arguing or making dinner, the space allows for any of those actions without being changed by any of it. That is like our presence of awareness which is open to any action or feeling without being defined or limited by it.

So it’s not clear in your scenario with the donor’s center being repurposed whether he or she is truly in that state of detachment and openness of awareness. Because she might be and still naturally want to reaffirm the importance of the original idea and need of the center. Just because someone’s awareness is no longer defined by circumstances, that doesn’t mean they are no longer engaged and involved with life.



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