June 21, 2024
Ask Deepak

Does spirituality liberate us from our Karma?.


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“I have heard spirituality gives us the choice of ‘free will’ (keeps us from feeling victimized) and I am also aware of the karmic issues of life. 

My question is- does being in touch with our higher selves liberate us from these karmic issues? 

Or does it liberate us from the tendencies of unhealthily reacting to these issues and therefore reduce the pain and suffering and bring about the lightness that would help us in tackling these issues?”


Yes, being awake to the presence of our awareness does free us from the binding influence of karma, because knowing our true self as unlimited, ever-present awareness means we no longer believe we are a separate, temporary self who is subject to the influence of outside forces. 

And yes, self-realization does liberate us from our engrained mental habits of reaction, because those patterns of behavior are based on the misguided beliefs of the separate, ego self.



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