December 19, 2023
Ask Deepak

Does holistic healing include emotional healing?.


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“Over the years, I have been intuitively drawn to various healers and several forms of emotional and physical cleansing. 

Regardless of the modality, regular healings seem to initiate a response whereby my mind/body is confronted with old emotions – for fleeting moments, or sometimes several days, the emotion becomes acute and raw – before it appears to be released or neutralized. 

Would you regard this process of ‘unveiling’ old emotions as a necessary step in healing? 

Is it something we can all expect as we strive for greater well-being, or am I manifesting this ritual myself?”


Holistic healing will certainly need to include emotional healing, but how that healing presents itself will differ greatly between individuals. 

In your case, the process of emotional release seems to be appropriate. 

I suspect a conscious healing of the emotional aspect of your wound is an intrinsic part of your process. 

But this is not the case for everyone. 

Some people may need a healing process that is largely neutral from an emotional point of view. 

This may be because even the memory of the original painful experience can be felt as re-traumatizing, so the mind/body processes the emotional part through the physical body. 

Either way is fine as long as the end result is healing and wholeness.



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