June 5, 2024
Ask Deepak

Do we stop being conscious after we die?.


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“At the Seduction of Spirit  course, you said that we cannot deny we are conscious, that it is ‘the feeling of being alive.’ 

Does this feeling ever cease, except temporarily while we sleep? 

After the brain is gone, since the brain is in our consciousness, does this feeling of having experiences continue?”


We can’t deny that we are conscious because to deny anything at all requires that someone, a conscious person, is doing the denying. 

Therefore to deny you are conscious would be to deny that you are a person. 

But all denials or affirmations are merely activities of the mind and are separate from the pure experience of self-awareness. 

This state of our Being or existence is not temporary or conditional like our mind and body. 

Pure consciousness persists even when we are asleep and our mind is non-active. 

That persistence of consciousness is what accounts for the continuity of our sense of identity when we wake up, and our mind is reactivated.  

When we die, and the brain stops functioning, that silent awareness at the foundation of our Being continues, similar to the way it does when we go to sleep.



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