February 16, 2021
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Dharma Statistics.


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I want to know how many people actually achieve dharma. Like one out of 100, 1000, or is it one in one million. I know that I have achieved dharma, but it seems that the majority of people are delusional. Do you have a statistic for that?


I don’t know of any source for such statistics, nor do I know how one would even go about conducting such a study. Dharma is ultimately about living in harmony with the force of evolution on a moment by moment basis. In one sense, self-realization or enlightenment is the only sure guide to always be locked into your dharma. But for most of us, how much we are living according to dharma is a constantly fluctuating thing. Sometimes when we are feeling strongly in balance we may be living 80-90% in our dharma. Other times when every little thing feels blocked and difficult, we may be expressing only 20 or 30% in line with our life purpose. As we grow in self-awareness, we remove the blocks to our full potential and naturally live more in tune with our dharma.



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  1. maria_jose.fernandez

    I don't really understand how a person who has achieved dharma can ask this kind of quiestion. That's what I immediately came to my mind.

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