May 19, 2019

Developing Witnessing Awareness.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


I feel as though I have commenced my own spiritual journey, probably in earnest since the beginning of this year (though in reality for probably for a few years I suspect).

I have adopted a regular meditation practice which I thoroughly enjoy and have definitely felt calmer, more settled and peaceful in daily life though not necessarily more joyous.

Having also read quite extensively (mostly your books) I try to be more mindful and aware throughout the day.

My question is as I attempt to live my life with ever present witnessing awareness I am finding it difficult to reconcile my alertness to negative egoic traits and dissociating from them and living life happily and joyously.  Instead I find myself pursuing calm and silence which I seem to attain but I don’t seem to have replaced worrisome/compulsive thoughts with joy and happiness as such.

Am I going wrong here? Taking the process too seriously? Or is this simply part of the process of a spiritual awakening. it’s certainly true that emotional shifts are taking place because I sometimes find myself welling up, almost crying but in a kind of joyful way.


I wouldn’t say you are going wrong at all. You are doing very well on your spiritual journey. Keep in mind that witnessing awareness is driven by your meditation experiences where your Self knows itself. You become identified with your true self instead of your ego-self.  When your witnessing self is present in daily life, it is as if it is observing you and the situation without judgment regardless of what you are doing. Insofar as you are still attached to negative ego states, that is just old conditioning that takes time to dissolve. You can’t speed up the process by trying to dissociate from it, because that trying and wanting is coming from your conditioned self and that will only reinforce the pattern.



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