August 31, 2021
Ask Deepak



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Namaste Deepak, I’ve heard you say “don’t get caught up in the details”. I enjoy art, whether it be through cooking, sports, fashion, music or actually drawing, sculpting, painting & etc. I’ve been led to believe that detail is so essential to great work, and also interpreting and processing this concept myself, I sort of feel intuitively that detail is actually really important. I believe it helps 1) me express myself through things and 2) it brings a level of intricate to my work that separates me as a talent, & then that goes back to expression. I’m curious if I’ve misled myself from the truth by thinking detail, in a constructive way, is actually really important and needs my attention. I really respect and trust the things you say, you are a blessing to our entirety, so I was wondering if you could maybe go into detail on why going into detail is something we should avoid getting caught up in.


I think we are actually in general agreement. Being an artist with an eye for detail is not what I am talking about. When I say “don’t get caught up in the details” I mean that one should not allow small matters distract us or prevent us from attaining what our larger goal may be. The attention to detail that you are describing as part of your artistic process is something that is actually essential to realizing your artistic vision. Careful, meticulous attention is always required in the successful completion of any worthwhile endeavor.



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