February 12, 2014

Detachment from the Outcome.


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How can I detach from the outcome? I desire to get married and have child, but I'm so attached to the outcome of this happening that I believe that my attachment to wanting marriage and a child is causing it to not manifest. How can I stop stressing over not being married or being a mother right now in my life?


Fundamentally, detachment will require that you recognize that you can only do so much to make yourself into the person you want to be for the relationship, and the rest is up to factors outside your control that you allow to unfold in the proper time. A gardener may keenly desire Spring to come so she can plant flowers, but timing is not in her control. What she can do is prepare everything beforehand so she is ready.

This quiet level of understanding and acceptance of the cycles of time comes with age. Meditation also develops this silent witness within that provides assurance that everything is fine and will unfold in perfect timing. That is the essence of detachment, and it is fine to still have a degree of desire and anticipation for marriage and children while at the same time there is a deep part of you that knows it will all work out as it needs to.

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  1. Maria Nania

    Snow after so many years..,,

  2. Rachel Garibay-Wynnberry

    Did your babies like the snow?

  3. Romin Munshi

    beautifully said

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