January 22, 2015

Detachment After Meditation.


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Dear Deepak,
I’ve taken both your meditation challenges and been practicing meditation for nearly a year now. While I often feel a wonderful sense of inner peace and calm during meditation itself, along with the feeling of observing myself during practice, I can’t seem to maintain this detachment from the ego during the day. Especially when dealing with difficult people at work or in other situations. If anything, I feel more anxious throughout the day, more sensitive to situations, and often judge myself for not being able to detach my ego in dealing with difficult people or responding with a greater sense of peace. Why aren’t the effects of my meditation practice lasting throughout the day?
Thank you.


If your meditations are peaceful and calming, then you are doing fine. It’s a matter of your expectations getting ahead of your progress, and that self-judgment is making you anxious. The experience of silence and peace during meditation sets up a strong contrast to the mental and emotional demands you deal with at work. It’s not realistic to expect interactions with demanding people to be as calm as your meditation. And observing the roughness your workday behavior compared to the gentle feelings of meditation, is likely to make you feel you are even more sensitive and exposed.
It takes time for that inner calm and ease to filter down into all the pockets of daily life. As it does, it will give you a growing sense of balance, strength and stability as these typical challenges pop up at work. It’s a different kind of calm and ease than the quiet of meditation, because you are dealing with real-world problems. I think of it more like the peaceful, graceful action of a surfer or dancer or an athlete in the” zone.”


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  1. John Robertson

  2. Sterling Love

    thanks Deepak - I really appreciate your knowledge sharing

  3. Chad Moreland

    Yep, Deepak is right on!! We tend to expect our inner peace to be instantly reflected in the outer world. However, as we begin to experience more and more inner peace from within, we can certainly then begin to more clearly see the harshness and insanity which is all around us in this physical world. The only true (and the highest consciousness) is one of inner peace and perfection.

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