April 15, 2020
Ask Deepak



When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


I have learned to practice detachment/ surrender and to trust the outcome of my desires to God. I have experienced some amazing synchronicities and manifestations. However sometimes when I am close to reaching a goal I begin to have a harder time keeping negative thought out and trusting in my higher power. When something is only a concept in my mind it is easier to detach from it and let things work out however it will, trusting in God that the results will be the best for me. But when that concept becomes a real physical thing , ( for example, when I actually meet and start dating my “perfect” mate, or am about to actually make a lot of money) I have trouble letting it go. “What if she begins dating someone else…” ” What if…” I know these thoughts may block stuff from happening. How do you let stuff go when it’s at the point where it seemingly means so much to you?


When you can be detached from the outcome of the important issues in your life, then you know you are truly detached. Detachment and trust in God grows over time through clarity of self-awareness. The negative thoughts and doubts that come up are old conditioning that want to keep the old ego self in place. Don’t struggle against the thoughts or feelings; just recognize them for what they are. The more you are aware of your self as independent from these thoughts, the less power they have to derail your desires. Over time and they eventually lose their grip, and you are free from your old conditioning.



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