February 27, 2018

Detaching from Desire.


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Recently I came across the following in one your books; after you have asked for something you have desire for, it is important to “detach” yourself from what you have asked for and at the same time you keep the strong desire in yourself. Does it mean you have the desire but you shouldn’t “think” about it? But if you have a strong desire for something it is very difficult not to think about it.  
I would be most grateful if you would explain this to me.


Detaching from your desire means that your inner Self, the source of your initial desire, does not become defined or identified with that desire. This process requires that we cultivate an awakened self-awareness through meditation that allows consciousness to remain self-sufficient and inwardly centered while we think and desire. In this way we have an intention, but the mind releases it simultaneously because it is not identified with it–it is not attached to it.

So it’s not a question of how big the desire is, or how often ones thinks it, rather it is the relationship of your consciousness to the desire. If your mind is overshadowed by the desire, then it is attached to it and that means the pursuit of the outcome leads to deeper bondage instead of liberation.

Conversely, if through meditation, consciousness remains self-referral, it has the ability to have an intention without losing awareness of its own nature. This allows the desire to manifest through and in accordance with the universal intelligence of the cosmos, instead of your limited ego. This is how the detached state of the silent witnessing Self makes the process of fulfilling desires an evolutionary path toward enlightenment.




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  1. Denita McDade

    I love it! Similar to one of my favorite Dr. Wayne Dyer quotes! Thank you for the break down.

  2. Denita McDade

    I love it! Similar to one of my favorite Dr. Wayne Dyer quotes! Thank you for the break down.

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