August 19, 2022
Ask Deepak

Defined By Others.


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Dear Deepak, I understand that other things don’t define who I really am, like money and relationships. I get that detachment is realizing I am something other than those things and that once I get it, I’ll just want something else. Not everybody sees it that way. How do you detach from wanting to look good to those people by having those things, like money and love? I know it doesn’t really say anything about me but it does say something to them. And I get more recognition from them. How to detach from wanting that recognition from people who see things as a reflection of who I am? Thank you.


Because we are conditioned from an early age to figure out how we fit in with others, it is easy to slip into the habit of looking to others to determine our value. Unfortunately, that means then that you are not valuing yourself on your own terms. If you were, what others think of you would not affect you. You wouldn’t care if you got more recognition from them or not. Ultimately your sense of self-worth is the only view that matters.



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