February 22, 2022
Ask Deepak

Crying in Meditation.


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Hi Deepak, I am your huge fan. I recently bought your happiness and attracting love CDs and started meditating. After a week of meditation whenever I meditate I cry. Tears start coming out of my eyes and don’t stop. And it feels in my heart. Can you tell me why that happens? Also I liked a guy and we broke up so I bought the cd to attract love. One of my friends said if I keep trying to attract him and he doesn’t come back to me it will be hard to forget him after all these love attraction meditations. Is that true?


The tears are a natural expression of release. You are letting go of the pent-up sorrow and grief from the ended relationship. However, rather than trying to attract your boyfriend back right away, let the healing of your heart come to a place of peace first. You cannot expect to move forward in a loving relationship if you haven’t yet healed and assimilated the breakup.



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