October 27, 2022
Ask Deepak

Creeping Sadness.


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A few months ago I was laid off of a job I had for almost 25 years. That work environment had become very toxic over the past 2 years and was beginning to affect my health and my positive perspective so all in all it is going to be better for me in the long run. I have been able to survive through this difficult transition because of my supportive family and the Desire and Destiny meditations I recently completed. Now that I finished those meditations I am noticing some sadness sneaking back into my thoughts. What would you recommend I do to continue on the right road in my life’s new journey? I am still looking for employment and have started to create a possible business of my own so I want to remain as positive as I possibly can:) Thank you!


You said you have gone through a difficult transition recently, so if you sense some sadness creeping into your mind, that is likely the healthy psychological adjustment that accompanies letting go of an old part of yourself before the transition. That loss of the old self will involve a grieving process, and if you don’t attend to that, you will start to feel sad. I suggest that you find closure on your difficult transition. Celebrate the gift of your past experience to find the freedom to move into the present wiser but unencumbered.



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