November 28, 2022
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Creative Self.


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Dear Deepak, A very dear friend of mine whom I love deeply has recently begun a quest for her inner voice and truth in life. She and I have known each other for close to ten years now, and I dare say that I feel we share many views. It is however not as easy to share all things that inspire me, among other things your writings, because her central way of learning is through creativity, dance, theater, handicraft, drawing and so on. This all leads up to my question: Could you give good advice for people like my friend, who learn through creative process, how to get in touch with the type of information and knowledge you share?


Spiritual knowledge is knowledge about one’s true self. So for creative types, their path is creative expression – finding their self through art and beauty. They come to know that their silent consciousness is an infinite source of creativity, possibilities and beauty. Meditation gives them direct access to this limitless fountain of inspiration and creative energy. Those who follow the spiritual path of creativity do not need much analysis or theory. It is enough to experience this source of creativity as their inner being and then express it to the world.



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