June 4, 2021
Ask Deepak

Cosmic Fire.


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Hi Deepak, Could you define cosmic fire? I have always seen it as a non-local event, but as the engine that drives everything; and as all-permeating. I have always observed it from a distance; I have never touched it or engaged it; though it was always very powerful. It was not bright, but more like a rolling lava field, always in motion, and the energy coming from it (in my thinking) was part of what is ‘driving the machine” (ex: the “fuel” or the power behind it.) The occasional glimpses that I have had of cosmic fire during meditation and other circumstances gave me a profound sense of privilege to have seen it. It felt like I was witnessing the energy of our source. Can you shed any light on this?


It sounds as if you have a highly developed sense of vision of a primordial energy in life. Your sense of awe, gratitude and power in this fire accords with the ancient Vedic concept of Agni as the divine fire that serves as an intermediary between the physical realm and the celestial world. I like your sense of knowing that cosmic fire is a source of unlimited creative energy in life. I’m sure you are right.



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