March 24, 2014

Consciousness is not in Space or Time..


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

Listen to Deepak explaining ‘Consciousness is not in space or time. Space/Time exist in consciousness .

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  1. Consciousness is not in Space or Time

    Time and Space are properties of Existence and Awareness of "self" and "others" living or non-living -- Prakruthi and Purusha. Since there is nothing -- "Witnessing" is a requirement that there is nothing or otherwise there will be no proof, You have the World and living and non-living and Consciousness therefore predates or exists before time and space, and is always Void. Newer Testament which is older than Old Testament is "there was no Big Bang" -- World is LiLA. In this Lila only rational things can exist..or it will disappear..!!

  2. Monique

    If i look at different experiences from meditation, i noticed that experiencing timeless and spaceless, depends how a meditation goes. Wether there is deep balance inside me or not. When things from daily life keep me busy / destracted, i won`t find that balance to reach deep meditation. Maybe just some relaxation level. Then, 15 minutes of meditation can feel like an hour gone by. But in deep balance, emptiness and silence inside during a meditation, it can feel like just a small amount of time, though for instance 2 hours may actually have past when i look at the clock. So, consciousness is timeless and spaceless if you ask me. Time and space can come from consciousness as one of the possibilities, dependant from the level of consciousness. Experiencing time and space seems to me as coming from our personal limits. Experiencing timeless and spaceless are coming from emptiness, from deep balance inside, a higher level of consciousness.

  3. Consciousness is not in Space or Time.

    I see a man or woman petting dog!!

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