December 2, 2020
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Hello, I have some questions about consciousness. Where does consciousness go when we are asleep and not dreaming, or in coma? Why aren’t we experiencing any consciousness then? Because sometimes when I’m very tired and go to sleep, it’s like I slept for 3 seconds, while I really slept for 9 hours. And what if all real life forms suddenly stop (If the sun explodes, or something similar)… will consciousness then create a new life form to live in? Or what will happen? I’m really curious 😉


Consciousness is a non-local quality of awareness. So it isn’t anywhere nor does it go anywhere. There are different modes or states of consciousness. There is waking state of consciousness, dreaming state of consciousness, sleep state of consciousness, and pure consciousness. During sleep, there is consciousness, but it is not the same as the waking consciousness you are used to. When you meditate and the mind goes beyond any thought, then it is experiencing pure consciousness, your true self. This value of consciousness can be associated with a physical body and the material world, but it is not dependent upon matter for its existence. So if the sun explodes, our essential immaterial consciousness will still exist, but it will not be expressing itself through the physical plane. Exactly what that would be, I have couldn’t say.



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