January 25, 2014

Compulsive Behavior.


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How does compulsive or obsessive behavior arise? Is there a spiritual solution to it? How does one handle the situation when he/she recognizes such a behavior in himself/herself and still feels powerless to do anything about it?


In a general sense, obsessive compulsive behavior is a psychological defensive response to try to impose order and control over a feeling of lack of control in life. Since life is fundamentally unpredictable and uncontrollable, this behavior does not address the underlying fear and anxiety.

The long-term solution is to feel comfortable with the uncertainty, ambiguity, and the mysterious nature of life. That means having a strong spiritual core that knows it can handle whatever comes along in life. Furthermore, it implies that you will not only survive the uncertainties of life, but actually thrive through them because you know your life is progressing and growing through these unexpected events. You feel your higher self orchestrating your evolution beyond the understanding and control needs of your ego mind.

When you recognize obsessive compulsive behavior in yourself, take a few breathes and remember what it felt like when you were deep in meditation or another peaceful state where you felt safe and confident. Reflect that this feeling of wasn’t the result of controlling a situation, it was you true natural state of being. You can feel comfortable and at ease even if you do not have certainty or control. Every time you notice your OC behavior, easily come back to this center of ease, and then affirm that you will proceed into action with this state of ease.

The behavior may not change all at once, but gently keep at it and eventually you will retrain your brain to act from balanced awareness, instead of fear.


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  1. Dipen

    I have been having ocd since childhood.I now realize that it is caused by my strong belief on something.For example when I believe in the concept of sin, every action I do I think of sinning.So I will be in a contracted awareness.When I focus more on the concept of sin I just see sin on my mind I don`t see any other possibilities.so what I do is stand out of that awareness and see that it is just the thought.When I see the reality that it`s just my thought my whole anxiety goes away.When u believe everything u think u become compulsive.So I say to myself it`s just the thought not reality.Anyway isn`t god or sin just the thought made by the mind of human.So I ask everybody to stop believing it as reality and see as thought .

  2. Ala

    I like opinion "laziness causes boredom, boredom causes depression, therefore people are fat, sick and unhappy." I think violence, injustice, mistakes, faults causes fear, fear causes anger, anger causes big stress, stress causes negative thinking, it causes pesimism, pesimism causes indiference, indiference causes laziness, laziness causes boredom, boredom causes depression and mental illness. Mental illness causes big faults. Therefore people must think positive.

  3. Allison

    How do you help. Person with OCD that also has special needs. I have a daughter with down syndrome with a OCD problem and teeth grinding on top of her other issues. I don`t know how to help her overcome these obsessive habits she has ???

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