January 29, 2013

Comparing Ages.


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How can you stop constantly thinking about the process of "aging"? I am 34 years old and an undergraduate student in my senior year; everyday, I compare myself to my 20 years old colleagues and how accomplished they will be by the time they will turn my age; I also compare myself to people my age with 13 years of work experience and I keep telling myself that "I should have started my school 10 years earlier". I tried to use positive affirmations but these thoughts are really loud and are making me feel weak. How can I turn my mind off from thinking that " I am getting TOO OLD for doing this or that" ?


Getting your university degree and starting your career in your thirties is not a big deal. Becoming a mature and well-rounded adult is not a race or a time-sensitive enterprise like being an Olympic gymnast where you have a small age window of time to compete. What matters for you is that have decided that now is the time for you to get your degree. You are living your life consciously and that is what’s important in the long run. There is a high likelihood that most of your fellow classmates are there because they don’t know what else to do, or their parents have pressured them to stay in school. When they turn 34 and discover they are not happy with their life, they may be envious of you. When you compare yourself to others, you are assuming things about their lives that you cannot possibly know, while casting your own life in the worst light. It’s better to simply make life choices that are aligned with your true needs and purpose and not compare it to anyone else’s, because your life isn’t anyone else’s.


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  1. MarcBSKW

    Just started a new business at 65 years old, after retiring from a professional career of 43 years. I think I have half my life ahead! I am looking forward to living to at least 125, seriously. My hair has not even turned gray or white!! I have not ever abused my body...no alcohol, no smoking, no drugs........only whole fresh foods, exercise at YMCA, walking at state and national parks, sailing, meditating, mind games, board games, friends, family, church, community work, working hrs on house and yard!, designing environment, exploring, learning more and more and more each day, singing, piano, drawing and painting, etc. Aging is awesome! I am soooooo fortunate and full of gratitude for the life I have built!. I made a commitment to myself at age 12 to do this and, by golly, I am going to do it. No blame to anyone or even God, if there are mistakes along the way. It is up to ME! And me alone to make this life what I want. Plow ahead! Learn from mistakes. Look at history of world, of our country, of our own life. Assimilate! Process! Each moment is ours to develop in whatever way we choose.

  2. bettina

    Eres muy joven para estar pensando que ya no tienes edad para est o para aquello,nunca es tarde para nada,podras tener algunas limitaciones o no ,disfruta de tu sueño y ya.No tengas miedo de envejecer,estmos acostumbrandonos en estos tiempos a desvalorizar a la gente madura ,y a considerar a las personas de mas de 45 anos como viejas e inhutiles,..y no es asi despues de esta edad se logra la plenitud...Vive, corre tras tus sueños sin miedo o restricciones impuestas por tu mente producto de una sociedad que impone modelos erroneos.

  3. The Angel Community

    Want to know how get your mind off these thoughts? Sit down welcome the thoughts and feelings, sit very still and feel within 2 minutes you will feel better. If you keep pushing the thoughts away they will keep haunting you. So welcome, welcome than you can let go.

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