January 13, 2012

College Son Visiting Home.


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My son is 19 years old. He is only home on college vacations – but I am finding it very difficult, as he matures, to live with him. I feel like I have truly begun to let go – but how do I live with him – when I realize that I may not enjoy being around the man he has become?

You didn’t mention why it is difficult to be with your son now, but now that he is living away from home you have to expect that he will have developed new habits and interests. He is young and in the process of exploring new aspects of himself, be patient and understanding as he continues to grow into the mature adult he will become. When he is home visiting, don’t focus on the differences you notice, focus on your love for him and what hasn’t changed in his behavior.


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  1. Julia Mallett

    He doesn`t fit into your image of him, a perfect ideal? Now on his own, he has opportunity to stray from limits of home to learn life`s lessons? Has he gone way beyond conventional rules of society, moral, ethical or criminal? Answering that addresses issues, then many responses.

  2. Judy Fountain

    What has he become?

  3. Readtoawake

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