January 6, 2013

Collective Consciousness and Eruptions of Violence.


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If it’s the collective consciousness that is getting played out in the world through events such as the Newtown shooting incident that took the lives of 20 innocent children, is our collective consciousness so vindictive and violent? In the last decade I have witnessed the surge in the number of people getting involved in evolutionary thought process, thanks to the internet and social media, but despite all this if our collective consciousness is violent and wants to kill each other, what's the solution and how do we go about creating the change?


The tragic loss of life we witnessed in the Newtown killing or in any mass killing can’t be fully explained or fathomed through the concept of collective consciousness, nor is it even appropriate. Such horrific events compel us to work through the grief and sorrow in their own cases.

If one seeks a more generalized understanding of what these type of violent incidents might indicate for a evolving society, I can offer a few comments. When a group or society undergoes a major shift from one state to another, it doesn’t happen in a smooth gradual transition. It displays unstable and in some ways chaotic behavior until it shifts into the new state. This phenomenon of phase transitions is seen in other physical and biological systems as well. So even as world consciousness is moving inexorably toward a more enlightened, compassionate behavior, there can these terrible eruptions of violence from the collective unconscious as it purifies out these horrific elements. It’s not that society as a whole is violent and wants to kill each other; it’s that as we take steps to move to a more healthy, peaceful society, the violent tendencies erupt to the surface like boils on the skin as the body tries to heal itself.


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  1. Ares

    Just so you all know, Newtown was a staged false flag, no children killed. I suggest you investigate false flags that are staged to push anti-gun political agendas. google sandy hook hoax

  2. anon

    thank you

  3. Barbie Chopra


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