August 16, 2017

Christianity, Science, Spirituality and Evolution.


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As I understand, Christians do not believe that man is a product of evolution. Science and Spirituality firmly maintain that man is an evolutionary product (if I carry a wrong notion, please do correct me).

Considering the enormous population of Christians and their presence in all walks of life and in positions of power, how do you think that the global community will ever reach a consensus on this? Is it not a crucial requirement for aligning the tangential directions the humanity is walking on?


I don’t see the concept of evolution to the major sticking point in aligning humanity’s disparate energies. If Christians adopted the enlightened awareness that Jesus lived by, that would be more than enough to provide align planetary consciousness you speak of.

And while there are many Christians who only accept a literal interpretation of Genesis and do not believe in any form of evolution of the human species, there are many who do. You may want to read Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s The Phenomenon of Man. He was a Jesuit priest who was also a trained geologist and paleontologist. He wrote about the evolution of life proceeds in a purpose driven direction from the cell to organism to the planet and the entire universe. On the spiritual level, he also spoke of the evolution of the collective consciousness of humanity (noosphere) developing to the omega point, which is essentially a return home to God.

Although Teilhard de Chardin’s teachings were never formally endorsed by the Catholic Church, (and in many cases denounced) they were nevertheless widely read and enormously influential, and Pope John XXVIII partially redeemed his contributions posthumously.



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