August 16, 2012

Choosing Partners.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Namaste! When choosing a partner, is it more important to choose someone that you have a connection with or someone that has a beautiful heart? Thank you!


Hopefully the two choices are not mutually exclusive. When you choose a life partner, what’s important is to find someone you love deeply and with whom you can grow with and support each other so that you can evolve emotionally and spiritually together. In that sense, it is more a matter of connection or deep compatibility than it is a judgment of whether the person has a beautiful heart. As you move forward on your journey of love, the beauty of their heart will be revealed if it hasn’t been already.


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  1. Reina Chittick

    If it has a deep Connection to you the life partner will also have a good heart for what you yern for and are looking for comes to you without you going to get it, for some strange reasons it will show up, were ever you are there he is/she is; so as we think, we do! we see, we walk and we shall find it. If it has not shown up it will at the right moment and you will know it with all of your heart, blood, mind and soul that this is it!!.Namaste, Love and peace to you!!.

  2. Jyo Aadarsh

    This is for @Maria Silvia Monteiro... Hi Maria, Congratulations on your incredible spiritual experiences! The spiritual life and every day life at first do seem separate... At this time live the deeply spiritual life internally (in your being meeting your needs), the every day life you lead on the outside (meeting the needs of the world around you)... Apply what you experience spiritually to events and people around you (e.g. unconditional love). Soon you will observe that they converge the outer world is helping you further evolve spiritually! Love you! Jyo Aadarsh - Blog site:

  3. Radha Rampersad

    both compatibility have alot to do with it.....connection right away

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