September 19, 2018

Childhood Spiritual Experiences.


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One thing I would like to ask is this….are the following experiences of mine as a young child spiritual?   Or is there another explanation?   As a child I didn’t understand them but as a senior I believe they were of a spiritual nature.

When I was about 5 – 6 years of age I have a memory of seeing my first snowdrop popping up out of the snow in England.  I remember looking at the snowdrop and thinking it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and I had a comforting feeling of “you have seen these before, you came from where these are.”     Moving on to about 9 years of age, playing hide- and-seek in the street, I rushed to a neighbour’s garden and threw myself into some lush, green ground cover which was high enough to hide me.   Again, the feeling came……”you have seen these before, you came from where these are.”   Both times, the feeling was one of great happiness and peace.

Is this wishful thinking on my part (I doubt it) or was I being “touched” by more than my own feelings?

I love your books and plan on reading more.   Thank you for your wise words which allow we readers to go deeper into ourselves, learn more about the “me” and open our eyes to the endless possibilities that are there for us.


I would count your early childhood experiences as very spiritual. What really matters though is what truth they have for you. I believe the childhood experiences suggest a realization of your spiritual connection to the source of all life, and that is the essence of Self-realization or enlightenment. Furthermore, the feeling of great happiness and peace that accompanied the experience suggests that this was more than just an ordinary communion with Nature.

Good luck with your continued health and may you enjoy many more years of awakening to your inner divine source.



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