December 5, 2022
Ask Deepak

Changing the World.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


How do we change the world? Should we want to? It seems that the biggest spiritual lesson is to accept things as they are, to see the perfection in all things and people and situations and let life unfold as it will. I mean we only want to change what we see as not perfect, yet life is perfect, so if we aren’t seeing it that way that’s on us right? I’m not saying life couldn’t be better without all the corruption, war, and suffering… But that stuff is all necessary right? The most powerful experiences in the whole universe seem to come only from the greatest pain. We wouldn’t have forgiveness or redemption without sin, we would not have the grandeur of remembering without forgetting… No wholeness without separateness? How do we change the world?


We change the world for the better by changing ourselves. And we change ourselves by becoming fully aware of who we really are. That means we allow the true self we experience in meditation to connect, embrace and integrate all the disconnected parts of our self. These parts of our self that have been fragmented and separated from our wholeness through suffering and misunderstanding are the things we feel must change. But instead of judging and being self-critical about those things, we can heal and change those aspects with self-love, gratitude and acceptance. This is how spiritual self-acceptance becomes a powerful tool of transformation in our self, and by extension, a way of changing the world as well.



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