February 8, 2019

Chakra Meditation.


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I began teaching myself to meditate about 6 weeks ago, and I have become very interested in the chakras.  I use your cd set “Balancing the Chakras” each time I meditate, and I have read 2 books on the chakras and auras, as well as searched on the internet for an answer to my question.  I meditate in semi-darkness seated in front of a mirror.  I use the mirror because at the outset of my meditation, I saw colors – mostly red and dark blue and bright white, sometimes orange and once I saw pale blue, yellow and green.  I also see a fuzzy white aura that follows the shape of my form, and it expands and contracts.  The colors appear randomly, varying in size and intensity.  Sometimes they float and sometimes they sparkle like a tiny gem.  Here is my question: Is this a positive sign or a sign that something is amiss? If I actually see these colors are outside of my body, does it mean the energy from those chakras is leaking or lost and my mind-body integration is short-circuiting?  I have seen only one reference to my question, and it stated that this was not a good sign.  I can say, however, that seeing the colors is a wondrous and calming experience.  I am very new to this path, but I know I was meant to be here. 


Don’t worry about energy leakage or short-circuiting, you’re fine. What I would recommend is that you don’t pay any attention to any colors or shapes you might see during meditation. If your intention is to balance your chakras, then letting your focus drift to these colors will only be a distraction and dilute the effectiveness of your meditation. It’s better to keep the practice simple.



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