June 27, 2024
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Can spiritual awakening cause bad dreams?.


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“Your books have helped me a lot in becoming more aware of my thoughts/emotions and how to deal with the negativity of them when they arise and so much more. 

However, something as of late has been bothering me lately – I’ve been having bad dreams during my sleep, I mean constantly; bad scenarios, nightmarish type. 

I’ve been having them for the past few nights, every night since really digging into and practicing the teachings from your book, The Untethered Soul

So I wanted to know: Is this normal when going through a radical change and having a shift in consciousness? 

If not, what could be the cause of this?”


Intense spiritual exploration can stir up strong unconscious emotions that erupt in negative dreams. 

It is one of the ways we can process and integrate new transformative orientations of life. 

But if you feel that it is too uncomfortable and isn’t letting up, ease off your studies a little. 

Put more time and energy into physical exercise or being out in nature, and things will smoothen out.



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