August 14, 2017

Breaking Free.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Much gratitude and love for helping me to break free from the mental prison that plagued me for a lot of years. I sell vehicles and feel like I need to follow my bliss to write and perform songs that I’ve written and am going to write. I have put my intention to the universe and truly believe the right musicians will be aligned with me. I now wake up to this incredible peace and bliss that brings tears because of this freedom that I now experience. The tears are not from ego, do you think? And- I am going to just step out in faith and leave the dealership I am at. What do you think about that?


I think you are starting the next big adventure of your life. It seems that what you have described as breaking free from the mental prison you were in, should also be reflected in your external activity so that you can express the creativity and bliss you are feeling. I assume you have taken care of whatever financial responsibilities you may have and also have some reserves to carry you forward for a while before you become self-sustaining in your music. It’s good to step out in faith, but you need to have a sensible framework for nature to support you through. Good luck.



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