June 7, 2013

Body as a Spiritual Vehicle.


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Dear Deepak, In what way is the body a vehicle by which we can achieve deeper spiritual wisdom? What does that mean?


Spiritual wisdom includes the full range of creation, from the most refined and subtlest realms of existence, to the most physical, manifested realms of life. The body with its ability to act and feel in the physical realm is a vehicle or tool of consciousness to gain mastery of this denser area of life. Wisdom that is not connected or integrated with the physical aspect of life is not complete spiritual wisdom.


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  1. Veronica Isabel Contreras Castellanos

    Como me gusta, hombre....su físico y su pensar...no sé su actitud?

  2. Veronica Isabel Contreras Castellanos

    Estoy hablando de Chopra. Ok...

  3. Allen Dale Dalglish

    who"s body... where? when?sirs..

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