February 13, 2012



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Hi Deepak, I was meditating today..and I experienced something wonderful..amazing…I got into a deep state of meditation…(that i don't remember have gotten)…and i experienced happiness in its fullest form..i was complete..ethereal..HAPPY!!! i was full!!

joy and bliss…sort of like ecstasy! I seemed like i was out of my body or that i wasn't able to recognize it…It was powerful..I couldn't switch my mind into reality again…FINALLY i was feeling DEEPLY happy, and I don't mean it as a feeling but as a BEING…i am happiness,…that's what I felt anyways. What do you think this is? Do you think this was spiritual ecstasy? What does it mean to have an experience like this? What do I do now? How do I continue my path? Your response would be very much appreciated. I don't know who to ask or where to look for!


This is a wonderful spiritual experience. You significantly characterized your experience of happiness not as a feeling but as a state of Being. Your experience has given you a deep grounding in your true nature. The ancient sages said that that our ultimate reality is Sat Chit Ananda—absolute bliss consciousness. You experienced your silent consciousness as your own blissful existence. There is nothing you need to do with this experience. A part of your Self has awakened and some value of that will always remain with you now as you move toward you full realization.


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  1. Liatharine

    I had an experience like this once during an holotropic breathing, also called rebirthing session. It was simply amazing, like if all my body cells where screaming in bliss and delight their gratitude for being alive. It`s a feeling I sometimes recall and reminds me of this state of non-needeng, non-demanding o desiring happiness that you can reach within yourself just for being alive.

  2. deepa

    what makes meditation to man

  3. Dayami Xiques

    This is a taste, in real life, of what we move into after death. I have also experienced it once many years ago while I was out alone meditating with nature in the woods. It is rare but we are lucky to have felt it. It makes us more aware if how infinite life really is and less fearful of everything else. My own path has lead me to try and experience this with other parts of my life, in my career and with love, attempting to blend happiness in all parts of life can be heaven on earth.

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