September 22, 2017

Big Goal Setting.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


A few years ago I migrated from India and now live in the US. I have some questions about goal setting.

My ultimate or final spiritual goal is to do so many things for society, monks, spread spirit for vegetarianism, help mentally emotionally, and financially the poor people of India, remove the misconceptions around India and spread the good points of our culture, like nonviolence, Ayurveda, yoga, pranayama. Now to do all thing lot of money is required, but at present I have not sufficient funds to do so but my passion for all the things is still intact.

So how can I prepare a programme to give suggestion to my subconscious mind?

My questions are

1)      Do I have to split my goals into separate categories like, spiritual, financial, personal, and career?

2)     Do I need to give my sub conscious mind a specific amount of money I need to accomplish my goal?

3)      My spiritual, financial, and personal goals are almost connected with each other.

But I have to make my career still at my age of 44, as I am not satisfied with my career.

4)      For selection of career I have to visualize only the end result like I have very good job which satisfy me ,earning of money at the required level, or I have to select the POSITION FOR JOB AND THE NAME OF COMPANY ALSO ?


These are all wonderful, valuable goals, but to effectively connect your life energy to these lofty ideals, I would suggest you go back and reflect first on what you feel are your true strengths, gifts and passions. What do you can do right now right? Your talents, interests, assets, and passions at this moment is your starting point.  Keep things simple and flexible. Your higher self is connected to cosmic intelligence. Let the infinite power of the universe work for you instead of trying to figure it out with your ego mind. You don’t need to get into all the details now. If you base your action on getting the finances and your career in place first, you may never get started. For instance, perhaps you could offer a non-credit course on Ayurveda at the local community college, or give a free lecture at the local library on the health and ecological benefits of a vegetarian diet. If you want to join others in a global effort, I’d encourage you to check our Alliance for a New Humanity at Once you get started in your efforts to make a change, Nature will come in and support and guide your work in the direction that is most needed. 

Marcus Aurelius says: “Begin – to begin is half the work, let half still remain; again begin this, and you will have finished.”

By staying close to your strengths and passion and letting the outcome be directed by the infinite intelligence of the cosmos, we don’t get frustrated or obsessed and we remain effective agents of transformation.



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