April 14, 2023
Ask Deepak

Beyond Duality.


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Dear Deepak, When you awaken from the ignorance of duality does that mean that you go beyond karma as you no longer see right and wrong?


Going beyond duality means that your primary reality is fixed on the unity of the consciousness of all life. It doesn’t mean that you don’t think, feel and act in the realm of duality and multiplicity. Karma simply means action and its consequences. In unity consciousness one still behaves in the world of karma, but the binding influence of those actions no longer affects that state of unity consciousness. One has gone beyond or is free from the limiting effect of karma on consciousness, but the dynamics of karma still operate. The same applies to the moral considerations of good and bad. The awareness of unity consciousness transcends that conceptual duality, but in the realm of social interactions and behavior, morality is still recognized and observed.



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